The We Care Ministry oversees making sure that the needy are taken care of.

The main duty of the We Care  Ministry is to help the needy in the church.  Those who have decided to serve God by coming continuously for 4-6 weeks.  This ministry department sassists interested new comers with tools to begin or re-start their new life in Christ  This lintels learning how to develop good character building by transforming and renewing negative outlooks on life with growing faith in the Word of God. 
Once consistency to change… is greater than the desire to stay the same is discovered.  Our We Care Ministry is able to extend further assistance to help those who have completed the ‘New Beginners’ classes and are in need necessities to becoming independent.  Such as, receiving referrals to homeless shelters, food shelters, clothing resources and employment resources and much more. 


The church has made arrangements to help those who have become members and are behind on bills and/or in need of financial help.  But an arrangement must be signed before money is rendered (these financial arrangements will only be made for those who are consistent Tithers).