Pastor’s Bio
Living Truth Ministry Church of Jacksonville, FL
Pastor Daniel L. Mbomeh is the Senior Pastor of Living Truth Ministry Church (LTMC) of Jacksonville, FL.   He not only is a Man of faith who believes the Word of God.  But he is also passionate and dedicated to the building of God’s Kingdom  through “Soul Winning,” reaching the “Unsaved Man, Woman and family by preaching and teaching about Christ Jesus who is the “only “ way back to the Heavenly Father. 


Pastor Daniel L. Mbomeh, is a a graduate from Morris Cerullo School of Ministry and T. College Minnesota.   He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Living Truth Ministry Church.  The Ministry has several Arms geared at reaching the unreached wherever they can be found.  Such as the ”We Care Ministry,” as its  main purpose is to reach the loss and underprivileged through different relief teams.


Pastor Daniel’s, life is dedicated to living and leading by example.  By teaching and encouraging men and women how to use the Word as principle keys to fortify their faith in God; learn how to develop the “Mind of Christ” instead of their own and learn how to become disciplined in their daily walk in God so each Believer can live up to their full potential in Christ. 


These principles keys of the Word are daily living tools which can be accessed in LTMC monthly Newsletter Publications.  Where each LTMC Newsletter will expose the pits falls of the enemy by helping each Believer discover neglected biblical truths affecting many Believers’ today.  Once the hidden promises of God are revealed each Believer will discover how the fear they have feared… actually fears the Christ inside of them.    You will experience on a greater level how to stand on the word and “refuse to be refused” concerning your victory. 

Within the ministry of LTMC, Pastor Daniels’ aim is to “Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ”; Teach and Equip Believers to develop their personal relationship in Christ and plant more Churches that will affect and transform local environments within our communities.

Pastor Daniel believes and promotes God’s biblical view of the family.   He is a family man and his family is located with him in Jacksonville, Florida and regularly attends Living Truth Ministry Church where he Pastors.

Pastor Daniel L. Mbomeh attended Florida Metropolitan University where received the following:

  • Certificat in Health Coding and Billing
  • Associate Degree in Health Care Management


Everest University of Jacksonville, Florida
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business of Administration
  • Masters of Business of Administration, Finance and Management
  • Currently pursuing his PH.D In Business Administration Management at Jacksonville  University, in                     Jacksonville, Florida  



Outstanding Student in Statistical Physiological Studies


Pastor Daniel received his Ordination Certificate at the Redeemed Evangelical Mission in  1994


  • TRUTH REVEALED Monthly Newsletters                                                                                                                                                            

Christian Living Publications

  • Salvation New Salvation (2009)
  • Executive Officer, Word of Life Bible Training Center
  • Chairman of Board of Trustees
  • Chief Executive of the Board of Pastors
  • Chairperson of Truth Academy (School)
  • Member of the Board of Elders of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.