Ministry FAQ

What type of church or denomination are LTMC branches?

LTMC and connecting branches are nondenominational.  We are a Word based Church that believes, promotes, teaches, preaches and practice the totality of the Holy Bible (2 Tim: 3:16). The issue of Faith is taught and stressed as being key to all Christian development and cannot be over emphasized.  For more information, view our Mission Statement .

What type of Teaching or Preaching does Pastor Daniel Mbomeh validate at LTMC branches such as: Prosperity, Healing, or Prophetic teaching?
Pastor Daniel Mbomeh and LTMC branches have mandates to teach God’s people the Word of God all over the world, by helping believers to:  understand their Salvation (Rom. 10:9), (Phil. 2:12); know the importance of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; teach believers how to develop their faith; walk in Godly love and implement daily devotional time “to God first” at the “beginning of their day” (Ps. 63:1).  
Through the Word believers learn how to build up a daily prayer life (Lk.. 18:1).   Being taught these Godly principles, every Christian can discover how to develop strong study habits in the Word and understand the importance of raising a generation of God fearing families ( 2 Tim.  2:15); (Deut. 11:18-25).  All LTMC branches are commissioned to preach, teach and push the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and equip Christians where ever they are on how to activate their faith in efforts to do victorious exploits through God’s Word within their lifetime and much, much more….  For more information about the creed of LTMC and other branches visit What We Believe.   
How did Living Truth Ministry Church Ministries get started?
In 2008, God spoke to Pastor Daniel Mbomeh to “build Him a Church where He will dwell.” Soon after the birth of Living Truth Ministry Church Headquarters was born six years ago in a humble beginning with two men and five women in the living room of a house.  With God’s ‘Power and Grace’ the Church has acquired Miracle Center located at 1346 Gandy Street Jacksonville, FL 32208.
What does LTMC Ministries do within the Christian Community?
Pastor Mbomeh and the LTMC Ministries are engaged in working with our “We Care Program” here in Jacksonville, FL. This program’s aim is to help establish various mission work here in the United States (Florida, Orlando, Miami, Texas and Maryland); and abroad.  In addition, LTMC is also embarking on other plans to implement feeding programs, crisis relief, and hospital care. In efforts to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and Biblical training to further equip God’s people.
Where is LTMC Ministries’ Headquarters? Are public tours available?  
Living Truth Ministry Church of Jacksonville, Florida is the Headquarters of all LTMC branches within and outside the United States, where Pastor Daniel L. Mbomeh is the presiding leader.   Enabled by God’s Power and Grace the Church is located at 1346 Gandy Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32208,  

How many LTMC branches does Living Truth Ministry Church have?

LTMC has five offices strategically located around the world: West Africa Ghana, Central Africa Cameroon, Mission Control-Florida,  North America, Maryland.
Who oversees LTMC Ministries?
Pastor Daniel L. Mbomeh and LTMC are overseen by Dr. Morris Cerullo and LTMC has an independent board of directors.
Where can I find the LTMC broadcast?
For media sermons or LTMC Podcasts you can visit our website in Media under the Sermons tab or listen and subscribe to our online podcast on iTunes.
What is a LTMC Partner?
A LTMC Partner is someone who helps financially support the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As you make a decision to support LTMC spiritually, physically and financially, whether through praying for the ministry, doing volunteer work and/or through regular financial donations.  You are helping the Kingdom of God grow here on earth.  Your labor of love in prayers, agreeing, fasting and finances help make taking the Gospel to the lost possible! If you desire to help with our “Outreach Mission” please join us and become a LTMC Partner today. Register Now!
What are the benefits of partnering with LTMC? Do I have to give a certain amount?
As an LTMC partner, you are changing lives locally and around the world. With your support, every day we are feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, broadcasting the Gospel through pod casting, iTunes, the internet and (coming soon) live streaming, radio, and television broadcasting.  To become a partner, we do not require you to give a certain amount; we simply ask that you pray and seek God’s guidance in this decision.
What if I am already a partner and would like to make my monthly donation or increase my giving, how can I do it?
Make your monthly donation online. To increase your giving, make your update online.
Where do I sign up to receive the free Newsletter? May I add a friend or family member too?
You can sign up to get your free newsletter subscription by only adding yourself to our mailing list or visiting our website. Please help us maintain privacy by not adding others to our mailing list.
Can I sell something at a conference or hand out materials?
No. LTMC Ministries does not allow outside vendors or distribution of materials at any of our conferences.