Teaching You To Become A Good Steward

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The Ministry of Helps is a Ministry Arm in the church.   Its purpose is to assist the Man or Woman of God achieve the vision God has called him/her to fulfill through the following ways:

The Ministry of Helps persons assist and minister to visiting pastors who have to minister.

Provide helpful presence in keeping watch service affairs making sure there is order while the Pastor ministers.

Make general arrangement if needed, to ensure the visiting Pastor is well kept.

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Coming to Bible Study isn’t just for fellowship! But, it is to:
Feed your spirit…,
Discipline your flesh…,
Learn and develop
Godly character
Renew your mind…
As it is transformed by the Living Word of God!
 So let’s come prepared with these 3 things.
1.  Your Pen
 pen writing
 2. Your Paper
 take notes
 3. Your Bible
 bible blck
 We’ll see you soon….
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